General Information

Harbord Financial Services (HFS) Limited owns and operates the Community Bank Freshwater Bendigo Bank franchise. The public company’s constitution regulates the amounts paid as dividends to its shareholders as a balance against its community distributions. Shareholders are advised of the dividend at the company’s Annual General Meeting each November. The balance of the net profits available is then split between community distributions and retained earnings for future company investments.

The company is registered under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and operates a Low Volume Market. Shares may be bought and sold through this Low Volume Market . HFS Limited does not provide financial advice about buying and selling shares. All share trades need to be approved by the Board of Directors and the buyer must have a connection with Freshwater.

Harbord Financial Services Ltd - Corporate Representative form for AGM

All HFS Limited share registry services, including all necessary forms, are provided by AFS & Associates.

HFS Office: Suite 1 / 1-3 Moore Road Freshwater NSW 2096

PO BOX 635 Freshwater NSW 2096

Company Secretary: Ian Greentree   C/- PO BOX 635 Freshwater NSW 2096

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