Strategic priorities for funding

surf lifesaving

HFS Limited has worked to develop the community since its inception and has always had a small grants program to assist not-for-profit groups and special projects.

If you are considering applying for funding from HFS Limited or Freshwater Community Bank® Branch, you are required to download the Community Sponsorship Application form from this website, and review sponsorship criteria. You may wish to talk about your idea or project with our Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, as you prepare your application.

Remember that all decisions by our Board are at their discretion, meaning that just because you meet all the criteria doesn’t mean that you will be successful in gaining support from us – we base our decision on various criteria and business based aspects.

Applications are competitive and require a key focus to be on our community, and you must answer all the questions as completely as possible to ensure that the Board has sufficient information to make a decision about your application. We welcome discussion with our Marketing and Sponsorship Manager, and if necessary, we will invite you to make a presentation to the Board in support of your application.