Shareholders General Information

As a shareholder of Harbord Financial Services (HFS) Limited, you have helped to create a community focused company that holds the communities around Freshwater/Harbord very dear.

We have more than 400 shareholders who provided the capital necessary to purchase the franchise with Bendigo Bank Limited in 2000 that led to the opening of the Freshwater Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank in June 2002. Each shareholder has made a significant contribution to the community in their initial investment, and continues to do so through their support for the community distribution policy.

Our constitution regulates the amounts that we may pay as dividends to our shareholders as a balance against our community distributions, and each year we advise shareholders of the dividend at our Annual General Meeting which is usually held in November. The balance of the net profits available are then split between community distributions and retained earnings for future company investments.

The company is registered to under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and operates a Low Volume Market.

Shares may be bought and sold through this Low Volume Market by clicking on the following link: then go to the Trading Shares (LVM) which will take you to the Trading Shares in Harbord Financial Services Limited information page. To buy or sell shares you must “Register your Interest” via this page.

Harbord Financial Services Ltd does not provide financial advice about buying and selling shares.

All share trades need to be approved by the Board of Directors and the buyer must have a connection with Freshwater.

It is the buyers responsibility to pay the appropriate Stamp Duty for information regarding duties refer to the Office of State Revenue

Notices and shareholder information is available on this page – just click on the relevant link to download the documents you need:

Annual Reports

Change of details (address, name, etc) for shareholders to keep our records up to date.

Note: This information relates to shares in Harbord Financial Services Limited and not Bendigo Bank Limited.