Shareholders Forms & Guides

AFS Share Registry Service

AFS provide the share registry services for Harbord Financial Services Limited.
Offering  a wide range of services by mail, over the phone and through their website.
AFS provides a complete range of registry services to an array of companies, these services include:

  • Registry management involving:
    ◦ shareholder changes (including name, address)
    ◦ share transfers
    ◦ reissue of lost certificates
    ◦ attendance to shareholder requests/enquiries
    ◦ provision of forms to shareholders for changes/transfers
    ◦ preparation and payment of dividends/distributions
    ◦ annual general meeting services
    ◦ reporting.
  • Shareholder communications and distribution of newsletters, annual reports and other company correspondence.
  • Electronic lodgement of ASIC forms.
  • Assist with corporate compliance.
  • Employee share and option plan services.
  • Specialist services (such as Company Secretarial).
  • Reporting and assistance to the Company we maintain the register for, including:
    ◦ access to the share registry records
    ◦ electronic file for mail merge and/or address labels
    ◦ statutory reporting of TFN’s/ABN’s
    ◦ statutory reporting of dividend payments and withholding tax.

AFS also offers a number of value added services including Company Secretarial Services, Audit, Taxation, Accounting, Financial Planning, and Prospectus Services. Please visit their website for more information.

To Contact AFS

For all enquiries in relation to share registry services please contact the Share Registry Administrator on (03) 5443 0344 or email

Downloadable Forms

All forms are available for downloaded from their Share Registry page. Alternatively contact AFS and they can fax, email or send you a copy of the relevant form(s) you require.