Application form and guidelines

Freshwater Community Bank® Branch is only able to deliver funding back into the community with the profit it makes as a result of the business generated through our customer base including personal and business accounts and not-for-profit organisations. Your support and advocacy for our Branch is imperative in making our relationship with your organisation a success. Please review the information below before submitting an application.

Firstly, please review our Sponsorship Policy to understand requirements and general limitations in seeking sponsorship fromFreshwater Community Bank® Branch. If your organisation would like to submit an application for funding, you must complete a Community Sponsorship Application and include details of what the grant is required for, items to be purchased and or services required and the value. Copies of quotations or invoice from previous purchases are also important information to submit as part of your application.

The Board may request that members of your organisation meet with the Branch Manager, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager and a Director to discuss your requirements further.

It is also important to review the associated Sponsorship Checklist, which highlights some of the ways a group or organisation can promote Freshwater Community Bank Branch and engage members or the greater community.

Prerequisites to be eligible for sponsorship include:

  • Open or have existing bank accounts for the organisation and/ or event applying for sponsorship.
  • Be an organisation with a focus and intent for the local community.
  • Provide sponsorship exclusivity in the category of banking and financial services.
  • Use our branded promotional material (canopies, flags & banners) at registration, game days and events.
  • Your ability to conduct membership/audience research during and / or after the event, including sponsor questions, and providing results to Freshwater Community Bank® Branch.

Additional applications will be considered out of this timeframe depending on the nature of sponsorship required and special requests. For further information please contact our Marketing and Sponsorship Manager.

Freshwater Community Bank® Branch Sponsorship Policy

Community Sponsorship Application Form

Sponsorship Check List